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“Subject 6: The Prologue” tells the story of the rise to power of a vicious dictator in Advancement Industries, Christian Drake. It concludes with his crowning achievement called “The Vinz Project”. This tale is a precursor to a feature film “Subject 6” as well as a television series “The Advancement”.

Conglomerates in the Corporate cul-de-sac commit unspeakable atrocities with impunity to accomplish a task, fusing a robotic consciousness with a human mind. The events in this prelude are a precursor to the awakening of Tommy Vinz. And with a society blinding itself with trinkets of technology, Christian Drake utilized all his authority to escape his own mortality.

What do you fight for? Organics or Robotics?

Mathew Brengman

Screenplay Writer

Mathew is a Writer, Director, and Producer whose work has been accepted into multiple Film Festivals throughout North America.

Before working on his first feature screenplay, “Subject 6”, Mathew wrote, directed and produced a short film entitled “To Sleep and Dream”. When not writing screenplays he enjoys working on his garden.

Andrew Toltzis

Editor & Product Maker

Andrew is a Tech Entrepreneur with a background in building high engaging consumer applications.

Two of his passions are reading and filmmaking. Andrew joined Mathew to help turn Subject 6 into a best-selling book and onto the big screen. The idea of writing the Prologue is to build an audience early and tell the story of how one character’s rise to power would change everything.

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